Woman Rushes Into Police Station, Cops Jump Into Action When They See Lifeless Body In Her Arms

If you’re a dog mom or dad, you know full well that our pups are like our children. Sure, they may walk on four legs instead of two, but when most people commit to bringing a dog into their home, they treat that dog like family.

I, for one, am maybe a little TOO quick to panic and bring my dachshund to the vet. If she so much as looks at me funny, I start to panic and it’s off to the vet we go! (Side note: My favorite official veterinary diagnosis for my 9-year-old dog having unusual accidents in the house? “I think she’s just being an ass.”) What can I say? I’m a crazy dog mom and I always want to make sure my little nugget is feeling her best even if that’s not really so great for my wallet.

This dog mom from Massachusetts knows what I mean. When her St. Bernard puppy started choking, so bundled him up in a blanket and rushed to the people she trusted to save him right away: first responders. Sure, police officers and firefighters are more used to saving community members of the human variety, but the responders on this scene jumped into action to save a pup in need!

When she got to the station, the dog was unresponsive. Of course, the woman was in a total panic. The overzealous pooch ate his dinner a little too fast and had gotten some kibble stuck in his throat.

Ten minutes that must’ve felt like hours to his human passed as police officers and firefighters administered CPR and chest compressions. Thankfully, they were able to clear his windpipe! A firefighter even hooked him up with some oxygen to get him feeling good again.

“Ultimately, a life was saved thanks to rescuers falling back on their training and remaining calm. Even though we are not faced with this kind of incident every day, the officers reacted just as they would in any emergency situation,” Police Chief Michael P. Murphy said.

Surveillance footage captured the entire ordeal and you can check out the video down below!

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