Woman Shares Texts From Her Date Who Thought Her Cancer Was Contagious

There are many things we can safely take for granted: dogs bark, the sky is blue, you can’t avoid paying taxes and cancer is not contagious. But that does not seem to be true for everyone. Lemonlimetotallyfine, an avid reddit user, posted an unbelievable encounter of the third kind with her date, who couldn’t believe that he can’t catch cancer.

The Canadian couple just began dating when she decided to share her history with skin cancer with her date. The reaction of this guy is almost hilarious if it wasn’t so amazingly ignorant.

We can’t wait for this Neanderthal to crawl back under the rocks from which he emerged. Thankfully ignorance and stupidity aren’t contagious either so Lemonlimetotallyfine is safe. And the guy is hopefully looking for another date.

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