Woman Shares Three Different Angles Of Her Booty To Show How Deceptive Social Media Can Be

Instagram can be a very fun place in most instances. There is a certain danger associated with browsing thru photos on this app, though. We should never be taking someone’s carefully curated highlights and comparing them to our own lives. Unfortunately, a number of us will scroll thru people’s pages and upset ourselves in the process.

Sophie Allen has decided to come forward and share a few tricks of the trade. While this personal trainer has a body that most of us would be willing to die for, she also suffers from the same Instagram jealousy that we all do. This phenomenon is what is known as the compare and despair principle. We tend to take too many of the pictures that we see on Instagram at face value.

That’s why Sophie has chosen to take this important step. She is not posting pictures of her backside in an attempt to titillate. This is being done to educate so keep your minds out of the gutter. The three photos were all taken at the same time and they were placed side by side. She may love her bum (her words not ours) but she loves being honest more.

Let these photos be a lesson to all of those who spend their days on Instagram comparing themselves to others. There is nothing that we can gain from these types of tactics and all we are doing is hurting ourselves in the process. Believing none of what we hear and little of what we see is crucial now that we live in a world full of online misrepresentation.

It’s so easy to get caught up scrolling through Instagram, comparing yourself and thinking you’ll never achieve your body composition goals 💔 comparison is the thief of joy, particularly when you might be comparing yourself to something that’s being enhanced by posing, angling and lighting. .. Here’s me, at the same time in the morning, standing 3 different ways 💁🏼‍♀️. You can see the first pic makes my booty look smaller, the middle just normal and the end a lot bigger 🍑🍑🍑 #goldilocks #onebootythreeway .. I used to hate my bum & its size, and now I’ve embraced it & I actively work to grow it. I work with what I’ve got, I pose in ways that accentuate parts of my body I love, but I encourage you to understand that it isn’t like this from every angle, all the time 🙌🏼💗 #keepingitreal

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We simply never know what kind of angles and filters are going into these photos. What may look perfect on the screen of our smartphone is not going to look as nice in person. Since Sophie shared her post, it has received thousands of likes and shares. We are glad to see that someone took the initiative to puncture the myth that every picture we see online is real.

Instagram should never be a place of comparison. It is just another website that fuels our need for online escapism. Let’s stop placing an excessive amount of stock in the pictures that are being posted by perfect strangers. Major props to Sophie for taking the time to use her perfect body to make an important point instead of just showing off.

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