Woman Stops Homeless And Drug-Addicted Man On Street, Then Recognizes His Face

When this homeless man in Nairobi called out to a familiar face, he had no idea what to expect. He remembered the woman from his childhood. He did not know if she would still remember him, but he figured that there was no harm in taking a shot. The woman’s name was Wanja. Wanja was in the process of heading to the market. She did not recognize the man when he first called out to her.

The skeletal man shouted her name until he was finally able to capture her attention. He introduced himself as Patrick. His nickname was “Hinga” back in high school. Once Wanja heard the man’s name, all of the old memories came flooding back in an instant. She was also in complete disbelief. She was stunned to find out what had become of her old buddy.

They had at primary school 25 years ago, where Patrick was also a brilliant soccer player. His skills had even earned him the nickname Pele (after the soccer legend). The pair decided to grab a lunch at a local cafe and catch up. Patrick was struggling to compose his thoughts. It had been so long since he’d seen his old friend. This made it difficult for him to choose his words.

Once Patrick’s grandmother passed away, he spiraled into a drug addiction. He’d spent the last ten years living on the street as an addict. He let Wanja know that he did not want to live this way any longer. She could tell that the man was serious and she felt compelled to assist him with the costs. Even though Kenyan drug rehab is costly, Wanja was able to come up with the funds to pay for a nine day detox regimen.

The difference that took place because of this program was immediately evident. The same man who had struggled to make eye contact with his old friend a week earlier was now able to concentrate. Wanja is now in the process of raising additional monies to cover a longer rehabilitation program. Her goal is for Patrick to become self sufficient again.

Wanja has now been called a hero for her efforts and rightfully so. She is Patrick’s guardian angel and she credits him for opening her eyes to the ills of the world. Please share this amazing story with your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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