Woman Does The Sweetest Thing For Dog Who Can’t Sleep During Thunderstorms

I had a black Lab who hated thunderstorms. She would tremble and be so afraid. I’d hold her and do all I could to calm her down. Bentley is an 8-year-old chihuahua. Three years ago he was adopted by Melanie Barr and her family when his previous owners moved overseas. They couldn’t bring tiny Bentley with them.

Luckily, the precious little guy has found a new happy home with the Barrs where he is loved. His family can’t imagine life without their tiny shadow. He follows them around because they make him feel loved and protected.

“Bentley is the most loyal little guy; he follows me and his human dad around the house trotting behind us to see what we are doing,” Melanie Barr, Bentley’s mom, told The Dodo. “If you sit, he is  instantly on your lap. He loves us unconditionally. I am lucky to work in a great environment that  I can take Bentley to work with me; he visits everyone in the office, sitting on laps and generally  being adorable.”

The one thing though that frightens Bentley to no end is thunderstorms. This is the only time he’s unhappy. Whenever a storm rolls in, Bentley becomes on edge. He can’t sleep and shakes uncontrollably. He’s up all night, anxious and out of sorts. Even when his parents let him sleep with them in their bed, he can’t calm down.

Barr said. “Bentley has big wide eyes that get concerned. I think secretly he does like storms because  he knows he gets extra special treatment!”

One morning after a nasty storm, Barr noticed Bentley was overly tired and uneasy. He hadn’t slept at all, and his human mommy came up with a great idea to help him fall asleep.

“The next day he was exhausted; we have old wooden window frames which bang, so it gets quite noisy and he jumps a lot at the sound,” Barr said. “He was really tired and unhappy. The sun was  shining through the window so I popped a pillow there which he instantly was drawn to, his little  blanket (a baby’s blanket) was close by so I tucked him in with his favorite Chewbacca teddy, and he  slept there like that for about three hours!”

What a fabulous idea. Thanks to Barr, Bentley loved his homemade bed so much he slept. It made him feel loved and secure. For this small dog, the world can seem particularly huge. But his family knows just what to do to make him feel safe and loved. “You could instantly see his comfort and relief the next day to just have a cozy place to rest,”  Barr said. “He was content and knew he was safe.”

Sleep tight, Bentley!

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