Woman Takes Care Of German Shepherd For Months. Dog’s Reaction When Man Shows Up Is Going Viral

Freya, an adorable German Shepherd stole the hearts of the people on the internet with her  reaction to being reunited with her owner after being separated for what felt like forever.

The video has reached over 347,000 views and nearly 3,000 likes. It stars Freya, the german shepherd being reunited with her owner after having spent months apart.

When the video begins  the owner gets to the home where Freya has been staying.  People are getting out of  a blue car and make their way to a house door. The woman opens the door and enters the house, Freya the German Shepherd greets her.  All this while her owner remains hiding outside.

Freya is called out of the house by the cameraman. As she comes out of the house she catches a glimpse of what she thinks is a stranger out of the corner of her eye.  She crouches down prepared to serve and protect.

Noticing quickly that it’s her lost owner, the pup runs towards him and begins to squeal and sing with excitement and disbelief, jumping to give him a hug, spinning in circles, all while singing her happy tune.

The german shepherd is so excited to see her owner the sounds of happiness are ringing in your ears.  She continues to let out little barks as she expresses how much she missed him.

On YouTube fan observed at .28 seconds it sound like Freya is saying “I love you, I love you!”

This is the most incredible reunion I have seen in awhile, the pup’s excitement and pure joy are expressed through all those little jumps and her wagging tail.

During the video Freya turns around and seems to smile at the camera as if to say, “He’s home, I knew he would come home!” while he dad just beams with pride, like any parent would when their kids are this happy.

My favorite part is when the man falls down and Freya just snuggles right up in lap, gives him some wet sloppy dog kisses and waits for her belly rub.

Dad even hits the sweet spot with the belly rub as her leg starts twitching.

No one know how the two became separated, but we can tell that she is overwhelmed to finally see him again.  It’s safe to say he looks pretty happy too.

Most people were happy about Freya’s heartwarming reaction to being reunited with her Dad.

Others, however, were upset that the dogs watching from their cages weren’t having as good of a day.

What do you think? Watch for yourself below!

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