Woman uses old wooden pallets from the garbage, transforms her backyard into a beautiful oasis


In most instances, we tend to view wooden pallets as being expendable, keeping them in our garages and sheds just in case, but not knowing exactly when they will be used. This woman found a great use for hers, so let’s take a closer look at how she was able to utilize them in her home.

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For starters, the pallets need to be sanded smooth, so that there is no chance of receiving any splinters or slivers. This step also preps them to be painted and once they have been sanded, they can be covered in primer and painted with the usage of a helpful air painting gun.

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Once they have been painted and primed, they must be dried and from there, you can see where the woman’s vision started to unfold, as she is using the pallets to create her very own patio. Selecting a spot for your deck and laying down geotextile fabrics to serve as the base is your next step.

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After you’ve laid the fabric, the pallets are laid on top and you can also place the pallets upright so that a fence is created. To ensure that the fencing remains in place, steel rods and wire are used to attach it to your mesh fence.

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Pallets are then laid down to provide a table and bench chairs, as well as a little picket fence. Bright cushions, freshly planted flowers and lounge chairs can all be added as a means of brightening up the place a bit and once the project is done, be sure to enjoy a nice toast with your family and friends.

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Did this resourceful woman’s home project impress you as much as it did us?

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If so, please take a moment to pass this story along, so that more people can finally put their old wooden pallets to proper use!

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