Woman Wants Biggest Butt In The World Even Though Doctors Warn More Surgeries Could Be Deadly

Growing up, we may aspire to get an education, a well-paying job, money in the bank, a family. But one woman just wants to be known for one thing: Having the biggest butt in the world. Yes, that’s right. Despite doctors warnings, Natasha is willing to put her life in the balance to achieve this goal.

As a child, Natasha saw a woman with a large butt, and she knew she wanted to have one too. Doctors have taken fat from her arms, back, and thighs to increase the size of her bum.

When you have an 85-inch bottom, there are some downsides. Natasha requires two airplane seats. She can’t run and forget sleeping on her back. She recently visited Dr. Andrew Ordon for a consultation. Natasha wants her butt to have a 100-inch circumference. Ordon believes the surgery could be possible. However, he doesn’t think it would be safe or ethical to operate.

He explains why: “You’re creating something unnatural.”

Natasha remained unwavering. The professionals of the show The Doctors sent her to psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow. He wondered if she was replacing real-life relationships with those found on social media. With her unique figure, Natasha drew significant attention and following online.

The young woman wants to weigh 350-pounds, but Dr. Ordon is of the professional opinion this wouldn’t be safe. He also believes it would be entirely unethical for a surgeon to perform Natasha’s surgery. Doing any procedure at that weight could be dangerous.

Natasha finally admitted to the possibility that she might have body dysmorphia. all the doctors asked her to reconsider the operation even if her life would be at risk. She still wants to have the surgery, but will seriously rethink the operation.

How sad. Natasha doesn’t appear to have strong self-confidence. She thinks her butt defines who she is, not what’s inside. I hope she’ll realize her health matters more than any of her physical features.

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