Woman’s Genius Response To ‘IRS’ Scammer Shows Why You Should Never Try To Scam An Attorney

There is definitely no shortage of scammers out there, especially in today’s day and age. From suspicious junk mail to urgent pop-ups to phone calls from people claiming to represent the IRS, they’ll use any platform they can to swindle people out of their financial information and money.

Unfortunately, most of the people who fall victim to these scams, especially the latter, aren’t familiar with tax laws or IRS practices. Twitter user @twittysuch, on the other hand, isn’t among them. After recently receiving a call from one such scammer, she decided to put her knowledge to practice and have some fun humiliating the would-be thief.

Twitter / twittysuch

“It finally happened,” she wrote. “I finally got a call from a scammer claiming to be the IRS and I could finally pull all of the tax law and privacy law I know out of my brain. This is a good day. This is MY day, people.”

First, she clarified that she understands telemarketers are just trying to make a living, but pointed out that there’s a difference between doing your job and breaking the law:

“Some notes, though: I understand and respect that telemarketers (that’s what they are) are just trying to do their jobs. We all have bills to pay. But the IRS phone scam is actually illegal and using threats of police violence or physical violence via the phone is illegal.”

Read the entire transcript of her conversation below. You tell ’em, girl!

I think we all know who won, here. You can stop from becoming the victim of an IRS scam by clicking here, where you’ll find information that’ll help you identify fraudulent schemes. And remember, the IRS doesn’t call you out of the blue. If you owe any money, they’ll send you a number of computer-generated letters, instead.

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