Woman’s Hilarious ‘Hack’ For Getting Rid Of House Guests She Hates Is Going Viral

House guests. Some love any and all extra company in their homes, whereas people like me, well, avoid them at all costs. Seriously, though, when someone rings my doorbell, I go into panic mode and automatically duck out of view from the windows. Hermit? Maybe. But at least I don’t have to deal with getting rid of unwelcome people I didn’t want to socialize with in the first place.

Twitter user Angela Brisk (@AngelaBrisk), on the other hand, doesn’t hate all guests. She doesn’t exactly like all of them either. But rather than endure boring, painful, or even rude at-home interactions, she’s found a brilliant — if not disgusting — way to send unwanted visitors packing. When you see it, you’ll have no problem understanding why it’s going viral.

Twitter / AngelaBrisk

Having found great success with her new household “hack,” Brisk is sharing her insider knowledge with Twitter users everywhere. “I turn hot dog water into ice cubes for guests that I don’t like,” she wrote. Incredible. And so, so evil.

Twitter / AngelaBrisk

Let’s take a look at what people in the Twitterverse had to say about this nasty yet effective solution:


So, um, there you have it. The next time you’re hanging out at a friend’s place and notice your drink tastes a little off, you might want to grab your things and go. Chances are you’ve worn out your welcome. Also, it might be a good idea to just use your own ice from now on.

Who’s the person in your life who deserves hot dog ice cubes.

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