This Woman’s Mother-In-Law Was Her Surrogate

Cody and Kayla were once just like every other couple out there who had yet to start a family. They were raring to start the process of having babies and creating their own little nest. Unfortunately, Kayla had past health concerns that kept her from being able to start a family. This left Cody and Kayla with a very important decision to make.

They have been married since 2012 and they spent a great deal of time searching for a surrogate. After their efforts had reached a dead end, they turned to the last person that you would expect: Cody’s mother. This mother in law was more than happy to help Cody and Kayla. As a matter of fact, the whole concept was actually her idea and she volunteered without even being asked to do so.

The correct term in instances like these is actually ‘gestational carrier’. A surrogate actually carries a baby that has been made from their own egg. A gestational carrier, on the other hand, will carry a a baby that was made from a different woman’s egg. The family thought that the doctors would find this plan to be crazy at first.

It turns out that they had absolutely nothing to worry about. These types of surrogate situations actually occur more often than most people realize. As for Grandma Patty, she says that carrying this baby for her son and daughter in law is one of the most rewarding experiences that she has ever enjoyed. She was able to provide the ultimate gift to her very own family.

Baby Kross was born by c-section without complication. He is a healthy and happy baby by all accounts. Patty was able to recover from the surgery and the pregnancy. The family has also created a Facebook page entitled Creating Baby Jones that can be visited by anyone who is looking to learn more about this absolutely astonishing miracle of a pregnancy.

This is one family that is willing to go above and beyond to help another. While there are some who may find the inherent concept of this story to be off putting, the happy ending that the Jones family was able to enjoy is all that truly matters here, right? Share this touching story with your friends and loved ones as soon as possible so that the love can spread. We wish the Jones family all of the best going forward.

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