Woman’s Mouth Becomes Pregnant With Baby Squid After Eating Calamari

We’ve all heard the phrase “with child” before. There are not too many of us who are aware of the phrase “with squid”. The woman in this story just may have invented the latter concept. We’re going to go out on a huge limb and say that she probably wishes that she had not. This story takes place in South Korea, as one woman became an unwitting medical study overnight.

She is 63 years old and still somehow managed to become pregnant. This scientific breakthrough is not nearly as awesome as you might think, though. The incident began when she consumed some squid one day. From there, the Kwandong University College of Medicine got involved and for good reason. As it turns out, parboiled squid can come with some unwanted surprises.

Since the squid still contained all of its organs, the woman was in danger and did not even realize it until it was too late. She consumed the squid and began to experienced unexpected pain in her mouth shortly thereafter. She did not swallow the piece of squid that caused the pain to take place and this was still enough time for the damage to be done.

After the squid had been in her mouth, she felt a prickling sensation. Can you believe that the squid was essentially able to impregnate her tongue? A whopping twelve different organisms were found inside of her tongue and we cannot even begin to imagine the sheer terror that this woman felt. Just imagine having all of these foreign bodies squirming around inside of your mouth.

According to the aforementioned researchers, this is not an unforeseen occurrence. The male squid was able to penetrate the skin inside of her mouth and create a most unwanted pregnancy. If you are anything like us, this story will definitely keep you from consuming squid for the foreseeable future. This is quite simply one of the most disturbing meals that a person could ever be made to consume.

Please share this story to raise awareness about the unexpected dangers that are associated with the consumption of squid. Be sure to do all of the proper research going forward as well. We simply never know when the creatures of the sea are going to band together and find a way to attack. We would also like to send our condolences to this poor woman. What an awful ordeal to go through.

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