Woman’s viral post about electric hand dryers may scare you back to using paper towels

Flu season is a time of year that causes most of us to take extra precautions. The concept of “going viral” takes on a whole new meaning when we are trying to safeguard ourselves from the virus and now Nichole is spreading the word about the importance of avoiding hand dryers. She is a scientist and what she has to say just might shock you.

She took a Petri dish and placed it inside of a hand dryer as an experiment. She shared her findings on her Instagram page and the results of the experiment went viral almost immediately. Over the course of just a few minutes, several strains of bacteria started to grow inside of the dish. Those of us who have used these dryers in the past are definitely reconsidering our ways.

The bacteria and fungus that collected inside of Nichole’s Petri dish only took three minutes to gather. This makes her post one of the most crucial public service announcements of all time. For those who find themselves getting sick during flu season and do not know how or why, their usage of bathroom hand dryers just might be the culprit.

The comments on the photo are priceless. It is easy to see that people are going to be taking this message from Nichole to heart (as well they should). One person even said that they thought of this exact picture the next time they walked into a public bathroom and opted for paper towels instead. From the looks of it, her post is already achieving the desired goal.

The Dyson company that is responsible for manufacturing these dryers is trying their best to dispel the notion that they are essentially nothing more than germ traps. They are defensive about their dryers and they are even commissioning their own study in an attempt to debunk Nichole’s. All we know is that we are definitely using paper towels from here on out.

Please take a moment to share this very important story with the rest of your friends and loved ones. They deserve to know the truth! Just don’t be like all of the others out there who decide that they are not going to even bother with the concept of washing their hands in the first place. A special thank you goes out to Nichole for taking the time to dispel all of our commonly held beliefs about the safety of hand dryers.

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