Women confronts teens torturing a seal, gets beat up for her brave efforts

Society is full of sick and twisted individuals who see nothing wrong with abusing innocent animals in order to get their kicks. These depraved individuals see nothing wrong with hurting an innocent animal who has never wronged them in any way whatsoever and we have had enough of these types of stories to last us a lifetime.


The woman in this story felt the same way and when she saw a group of teenagers tormenting a baby seal, she refused to stand idly by and allow it to happen. Her selfless nature led her to intervene and she never could have predicted what would end up happening next.


She was walking her dog in Crimond Beach when she saw the kids rolling the defenseless seal around in the sand and allowing a dog to sit on it. When she saw this atrocity taking place and attempted to confront the teens, one of them punched her in the nose for her troubles.

The poor woman has a pierced septum and when she was struck by the ruthless teenagers, there was quite a bit of blood. Fortunately, she was not seriously injured by the attack and she lived to tell the tale to the police who arrived on the scene.


Thanks to her timely actions, the seal was saved from an uncertain fate. She stepped in and took quite a shot to the nose on behalf of this defenseless seal and judging from her reaction to the ordeal, this is something that she would be more than willing to do again if need be.

We are glad to see that some people still care about the welfare of innocent animals and refuse to stand idly by while they are being injured by people who do not appreciate them. This woman is a true hero and her story deserves to be shared with as wide of an audience as possible.

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