World’s Most Expensive Wedding Cake Cost One Million Dollars, And It’s Probably Worth Its Price

Those who visited a Dubai wedding exhibition recently were given the chance to taste the single most expensive wedding cake on the planet. Debbie Wingham is the cake’s creator and she is known for creating some of the richest masterpieces known to man….literally. Her level of professionalism is admirable and she has created pieces that are valued at a whopping $50 million.

The cake in this story is actually a bride. She is a $1 million cake and while she is a bit heavier that the prototype that we are currently looking at, there are a number of people who will be given the chance to have a taste. It took 44 pounds of chocolate and 1,000 eggs to create this incredible cake and we are a tad bit jealous that we do not have one to call our own.

The entirety of this cake is edible, by the way. All 72 inches are ready to be devoured in a moment’s notice. Every feature has been handmade as well. The cake required ten days of decoration and it took 5,000 flowers to finish. It is important to note that some of the decor that was included is not made to be eaten. The “bride” is draped in three carat diamonds and pearls.

These priceless diamonds were used to decorate the head of the bride. Debbie may be receiving notoriety for her cakes at the current moment. She has a lot more to offer the world, though. Debbie is also responsible for the creation of a pair of shoes that would sell for $15 million should someone decide that they want to purchase them.

Last night was the big reveal of my 4th world's most expensive, the world's most expensive shoe valued at 15.1 million, this time I wasn't a one woman band and I did a collaboration with the AMAZING Chris Campbell from the @shoebakery . It was created for one of my arabian clients who had a portfolio of diamonds and wanted a unique piece of diamond art, the client loves pastries and fashion, a girl out of my own heart, Chris Campbell was my obvious partner since he is excellent at what he does and his mind set is pastry all the way! we designed the shoes together and Chris made them since he is a shoe art master, this is unusual for me since im a control freak and create everything myself with my name on it but Chris doing a WME can be life changing, I'm so glad I could present you this opportunity and let's just say you smashed it!!! #worldsmostexpensivedesigner #worldsmostexpensiveshoe #worldsmostexpensive #luxury #diamonds #diamondart #designer #caketechinques #art #artists #cakeinspo #cake #cakeartist #luxuryshoes #shoes #designeraccessories

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The aforementioned $50 million piece was actually a wedding dress. It is made of black diamonds and those who prize Oriental style fashions will love this red diamond abaya. Debbie’s works are bound to turn heads and we are so happy that we get to exist in the same universe as these phenomenal pieces. Debbie is definitely taking the phrase “looking like a million bucks” and giving a brand new meaning.

What do you think of these pieces? Are you as jealous as we are? If so, be sure to pass this story along to all of your closest friends and loved ones. The sweet tooth types out there are definitely going to want to get a closer look at this incredible “bride” and this is one woman who we would love to tie the knot with immediately.

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