Young Man Loses His Adoptive Mom, Writes Chilling Song That Leaves The Judges Silent

In conversation, we often make a distinction between adoptive parents/adoptive kids and biological parents/kids, but anyone who has ever adopted a child or been adopted themselves knows that this is a nonsensical distinction. No matter how a family member comes into your life, a connection is a connection. People with children who happen to have been adopted are just as much parents to those children as those who had them biologically.

A guy name Brandon Elder knows a thing or two about that. Brandon’s life got off to a truly horrendous start when his biological mother traded him for a car when he was just 10 months old. His step-grandma, Patricia Elder, was horrified when she heard and managed to adopt the boy, becoming the amazing mom he always deserved.

She raised Brandon to be a kind, loving person just as any good parent would. He loved his mom so much, in fact, that he dropped out of college to care for her when she sadly fell ill with cancer. He loved to play her music on his guitar and sing to her when she was feeling down.

Unfortunately, after a hard fight, Patricia lost her battle with cancer. That’s when Brandon wrote a song called “Gone” in her honor. He had no idea that this song would one day be his ticket to Hollywood, but when he took it in front of American Idol judges, their stunned silence spoke louder than words. Be sure to check out the entire performance down below.

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