Young Mother Let Her Baby Starve To Death While She Partied For A Week With Friends

This is the story of a teen mother who made an unconscionable decision. While there are some teen mothers who are able to overcome their misguided decisions and learn from them, the mother in this story behaved in a manner that is almost too vile for words. She allowed her baby to die and her reason for doing so will have you ready to fight.

Viktoria is a 17 year old mother from Russia who decided that her child was keeping her from enjoying the lifestyle that she desired. She allowed her child to starve as she went on a six day bender. She has been sentenced to over six years in prison as a result of this crime and when the sentence was read to her, she sat in the courtroom in emotionless silence.

Egor was just nine months old at the time of his passing. This little boy deserved better than a mother who was ready to kill him as soon as she started college. Instead, Egor’s presence was treated as a nuisance and Viktoria did not enjoy being forced to stay home. In her mind, the baby should not have been keeping her from having fun with pals.

Once her husband was finally called away because of obligations to the military, Viktoria sprung into action. She took off to see her friends and left the baby in a pram to starve to death. This heinous crime is made even worse by the fact that she even came back home at one point to make sure that her dog had received enough water to drink.

The judge determined that the boy had died because of the starvation and dehydration that his mother was responsible for. When the child was found, he had passed away with his eyes wide open. The amount of terror that he had experienced before death is absolutely heartbreaking to think about. His internal organs shut down one by one.

This is what happens when a baby does not receive the food and water that they need in order to survive. Viktoria felt no real remorse and was only concerned about the sentence that she would receive. Social media does not believe that six and a half years is enough of a sentence for this type of crime. We are definitely inclined to agree. As for Viktoria’s husband, he is crestfallen and in the process of seeking a divorce.

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