You’ve Been Threading Needles Wrong Your Entire Life

Threading a needle seems pretty straightforward, if not tedious, right? You squint a little and struggle to push the end of a thread into a tiny hole…if you want to make things harder on yourself, that is. But what if we told you you’ve been doing it the wrong way your entire life, and that there’s a much simpler and faster way to get it done? Well, there is — and this guy just pointed it out.

Twitter user @JohnBick4 shared a video from a crafting site that’s been blowing the minds of everyone who sees it. No wonder it’s going viral. So what is this helpful nugget of information that’s making everyone go crazy? Find out in the video below.

Who knew that instead of trying to thread the needle through the hole, all you had to do was press the needle onto the thread and shake it down? Nobody, apparently, as the resounding response seems to be a gigantic “WOW!”

Twitter / JohnBick4

“What type of sorcery is this?” asked one Twitter user.

“Good grief. After 50 years of going cross-eyed,” another wrote.

“This is what social media should be about,” another pointed out. “People sharing helpful ideas about what they actually know.”

Even Jason Alexander is lamenting all the lost hours spent trying to thread a needle the wrong way. “Dammit, I need hours of my life back now,” he said.

Well, there you have it — now get to threading your needles the right (and easy) way! You’re welcome, world.

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